Our Vision

Working closely with our clients, we can achieve mutual success. 

Our History

LowBridge Digital Publishing got our start in early 2000 as a result of casual email correspondence between our founder, Paul R. Mitchell, and Dr. Clayton A. Feldman, then publisher of Seaways' Ships in Scale magazine. Dr. Feldman was looking for a cost effective means of  making back issues of the magazine available to new subscribers and newcomers to the ship modeling community. The result was the development of the Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine - First 10 Years CD-ROM published in August 2001. This release promptly sold out the first two printings and continues to sell in a CD- on- demand basis. This CD-ROM was so successful that LowBridge was retained to produce three more CD-ROM projects for Seaways. As the result of our success with the Seaways projects, LowBridge was subsequently awarded a major project for the prestigious Nautical Research Guild. 

Let LowBridge help you fulfill your high quality digital documentation needs.

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